The IALP 14 committees are a key element of the IALP. The committees of the organization address scientific, educational and professional issues from a broad global and multicultural perspective.

These various perspectives come together within the committee framework of the organization and enrich and extend scientific inquiry and professional practice. The work of the committees is shared through publications, conferences, composia and will play a key role within the 2023 World Congress programme in Auckland.

Each of the committees deals with a critical area of science and practice.

Each month we will focus on a committee to provide you with a little insight and learning about what the committee does, how you can get involved and what to expect @ IALP 2023!

An IALP Committees provide an opportunity to advance our science within communication, voice, speech language pathology, audiology and swallowing but more importantly improve the lives of individuals from around the world.


The focus of this committee aligns with IALP’s vision in facilitating better understanding, knowledge and care of all those with communication challenges including individuals with ASD. The committee strives:

To increase awareness related to the diversity of skills and challenges related to ASD across the life span.

To increase research output on diverse topics related to diagnosis, assessment and management of ASD across the life span

To promote best clinical practices and educational aspects on topics related to the diversity of the  ASD condition.

In addition, the committee advocates for shared knowledge, skills, and information and thereby strives to facilitate science, education, and clinical practice through international cooperation and collaboration. The motto of the committee is “ASD without boundaries”.


The Motor Speech Committee aims to educate and support clinicians and families on best practice for assessing and treating child and adult based dysarthria and apraxia.


We are aiming to facilitate better understanding, knowledge and care for all those with swallowing disorders in order to improve their quality of life.

Mieke Moerman (Dysphagia committee chair)

Aliaa Sabry (Dysphagia committee co-chair):