FAQ’s – some tips and hints to assist when submitting

Oral presentation (Free papers):

  • This is an oral presentation of your research.
  • You will be assigned a particular day and time for your presentation.
  • You will be required to present in English at the Congress.
  • You will be allocated a 15 minute time slot, including time for questions.

Poster presentation:

  • This is a visual display of your research in printed A0 portrait poster format.
  • During the IALP Congress, you will be assigned a particular Poster Session day.
  • Authors are required to print and display their own poster.
  • You are required to be present at your poster display to discuss/interact with delegates at the specified times.

Workshop/Panel Presentation:

This is one summary abstract under a collective title, within a singular given area, representing a group presentation by researchers/clinicians. A 60  minute slot will be allocated for this session type.

Standing Committee presentations:

An IALP  Standing Committee can present a series of oral papers within a 60* minute time slot (Final timings TBC) To submit as this type of presentation, you must be a member of an IALP Standing Committee. Each member of a standing committee should submit their work and select the relevant committee from the topic/category dropdown.


If I submit an abstract as oral presentation and it’s not accepted as an oral presentation, will it be considered for poster?

Yes- if you submit for an oral presentation and are not successful, you will be automatically considered for a poster presentation by the review committee ( no requirement to resubmit). You will be notified accordingly should the review committee accept your abstract and adjust your presentation format/type.

Submission Topics/Categories

Topics/categories are used for the evaluation process and we will ensure that sessions/presentations are also thematically linked where possible by the topic/category.

Can I submit for an IALP Standing Committee presentation?

To submit for a group presentation as part of an IALP Standing Committee, you must be an IALP member of selected standing committee.

Learning Outcomes – What are they?

Below are some samples provided as an indication of the outcomes from attending your proposed presentation. Note that you can use a maximum of 20 words when submitting your abstract for each learning outcome and you must provide a minimum of two.

“Participants should be able to evaluate the need for assistive technology for their clients with complex communication needs.”

“Participants should be able to articulate cultural and socioeconomic differences and their significance for speech- language therapy planning.”

“Participants should be able to critique the value of outcome assessment and measurement in assuring quality across the SLT profession.”